1. James Blake, Bowery Ballroom, May  11th 2011

    Mind Blown. So glad I was front row. This man is going to do big big things to music

  2. I just created my first 8tracks playlist. Hope you’ll  enjoy this trip to school when MTV was still ruled by (generic) music but I didn’t any better.


  3. Weekend Update

    How I spent my weekend

    -Watched 127 Hours. Thoughts are below.

    -Caught up on Top Chef and finished the first season of Breaking Bad

    -Went out drinking around Union Square and made a hasty (2 beers only) retreat after checking out the prices

    -Read the February issue of GQ. Their long reads at the end are impressing me more and more. Last month it was the Dubai assassination, this month its the store of the Afghan Boy. The special collector’s issue though, is just a ploy to have hardcore sports fans put down $5 multiple times for multiple covers for a magazine that is now no thicker than a CD case.

    - Listened to a LOT of music.

    - Had a good brunch at a place near Astor Place. 


  4. Weekend Update

    How I spent my weekend

    -The Doors and Four Tet on repeat

    - Saw ‘The Kids are All Right’. Amazing soundtrack and a good movie. Great perfomances.

    - Read the November issue of Wired and December issue of Dazed and Confused (Daft Punk is on the cover!)

    - Saw a couple of episodes of Community, and am finally catching up with the current season of Fringe. Its really raised its game.


  5. Weekend Update


    How I spent my weekend

    -Hot Chip and Simian Mobile Disco on repeat

    -Meeting a bunch of friends who were in New York for the weekend over coffee, beer or wine (The tree is now up at Rockfeller Center)

    - Lots of drinking, not too much cooking.

    - Only saw 1 more episode of Dexter so I’m still behind. Really into Community now, not sure who I like best but I know I like Pierce the least.

  6. Daft Punk played with Phoenix at Madison Square Garden tonight!!

    I don’t see this being repeated on Saturday when I go to see them, but lets hope?