1. Through the Doors

    Manali 2013

  2. The Fruitseller

    Shimla 2013

  3. From Smoke and Dust

    Bombay 2013


  4. Photo Competition

    So, I’ve just entered a competition on the Qatar Airways website and would really appreciate your votes. 
    Please do so if you have the time. Thanks

    Vote here!

  5. Circles, 2011

    Just took this today before Irene hit in New York. 

  6. Peeling

    Bombay 2011

  7. Sun It Rises, 2011

    On my flight back from New York to Bombay. On  the New York - London part of it. 

  8. James Blake, Bowery Ballroom, May  11th 2011

  9. Roof Party, May 2011